Rotary Phase

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The Purpose

A rotary phase converter is a device that converts single-phase power into three-phase power. It works by using a single-phase power source to power a rotary generator, which then produces three-phase power. The converter is typically used in industrial settings where three-phase power is required for machinery or other equipment. Rotary phase converters are often preferred over other types of phase converters because they provide a more stable and reliable source of three-phase power.



The Rotary Converter is fully manufactured at our Pretoria West premises. We ensure giving our customers maximum value for money. The unit is capable of starting

  • 2 x 5.5 KW motors back to back
    3 x 4 KW motors back to back.

The unit is Ideally suited for home workshops with three phase equipment such as Lathes, Pumps, Hammer mills, Milling machines, Pedestal drills, Saws, Band saws, Industrial Printers, Pumps and a host of other equipment.


Backup Systems


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